Aug 10, 2012
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Part II: Personally, I loved the carousel and ferris wheel the most. But the water park was pretty neat too.

Also, I enjoyed reading what had to say about the closing of their park, including:

Q. What happens to the rides at Kentucky Kingdom?
A. We are still making those decisions, since we had been hopeful that we could keep the park open. We know that some of the rides and attractions will be relocated to other parks, though the final details are still being worked out.

I can tell you, from what I saw, that all the rides sit untouched, collecting dust day after day. The park, though, hasn’t fallen into terrible disrepair…there is very little graffiti, and the electricity on some of the rides’ loudspeaker systems still works! “Attention, passengers, please keep your hands inside the roller coaster car at all times.”

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